The art of story-telling has been my passion from early days.

Being in the Animation industry for a decade-and-a-half, I had great opportunities to learn and work with the best in the field, contributing top quality Animation work to several Hollywood Features at R&H, Weta Digital, Mill Film, Mr X and ILM.

My foundation in Art and Classical Animation combined with leadership & technical skills acquired over the years makes me a seasoned professional in craft of Animation & VFX.

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The art of Animation inspires and excites me as it has the ability to explore different worlds through the characters we animate. Handling technically challenging work with a deep understanding of traditional concepts and aesthetics is my strength.

As a Senior Animator with a combination of cutting edge creative and technical skills, I can deliver moving performances be it through acting-based characters, cartoons, talking animals or creature performances.

I can lead a team of animators of any level and work closely with Supervisors and the production team to cater to the director’s vision. I lead by example and believe in creating a knowledge sharing environment. I create workflow, tools and study material needed for the project and keep the team inspired. 

Every project is a magical experience with its own flavor of originality and mystery that is truly motivational and brings the best in me. With every project done, it just makes me hungry for more and I aspire for bigger challenges.